Learn about what others have to say about your favorite Bob Dylan tune, post your own comments, and rate any song from the complete album catalog of officially released recordings. On the front page you will see the Top 100 listing. You can directly rate each song and post your comment with no registration or login necessary!
By the way: The name tweedlr was inspired by Bob Dylan's "Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum" with an intentional little Web 2.0-ish misspelling.


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How tweedlr ratings work

You can rate songs directly on the song and album pages, without signing in or registration necessary. The better you like a song, the higher your rating value should be. Choose from the following options: 5 (masterpiece), 4 (great), 3 (good), 2 (average), or 1 (miss).

tweedlr stars
When you view an album or song page, you will see a "tweedlr stars" rating. This is an additional automated song rating based on various criteria, such as the total number of ratings for each rating value of this song. The tweedlr stars rating is always relative to all other rated songs, so it changes every time a new rating is submitted. Also, the more high ratings a song receives the more stars is will get. The more low ratings a song receives the more stars will be substracted. All in all it's a rather complex process, but it shouldn't bother you.


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